7 Tips to Save Money While Traveling

Here are 7 tips to save money while traveling. Keep reading, take notes, and get ready for your next trip, I’m sure you will save a lot of money. I love traveling and saving and spending as little as possible is one of my main goals. Why pay more than necessary for a trip? 

These tips, if applied, will help you save money on your travel expenses. And before you actually leave, make sure you have a VPN to secure your online activities when you use public WiFi services. Click here to learn more

Now, without further ado, here are 7 tips to save money while traveling!

1. Organize your trip

It is always necessary to organize your trip, I usually prepare it in my beloved Excel. First I put the approximate dates of my trip and the destinations I want to visit and in this way, it helps me distinguish if the time I give to each city and the time that those vacations will take me is correct. Then I enter expenses for tickets, lodging, food, and daily expenses that can be presented, this way I know approximately how much my next trip will cost me.

2. Avoid traveling in high season

Avoid dates where everyone travels, that is, in July and August, or during the New Year’s Eve or Easter holidays. If you have a vacation on any of these dates, schedule your trip in advance so you can get around the matter.

3. Choose the tickets

If you are going to travel by plane, always check the best options when purchasing your ticket. The price of flights varies considerably depending on the month or even day. Avoid traveling on weekends as prices are always higher. Or travel to cities near your destination as this can lower costs.

4. Travel at night

This is something that I always try to do on my trips, especially to connect cities, what I call the famous 2×1 since while I travel, I sleep. It can be by train, bus or plane, the idea is to go on long journeys and sleep while you travel. It may not always be the most comfortable but this way you will save a night in a hotel and you will also have more hours during the day to take advantage of the city. I did this in China for example and it turned out great!

5. Luggage

Try not to use suitcases. If you really want to save while traveling, I recommend using a backpack. These always travel with you inside the cabins, this way you avoid paying extra for suitcases and, for example, on low-cost trips, you will not pay for them. Of course, keep in mind which backpack is best for you.

6. Save on Accommodation

Who doesn’t like to be in a luxurious hotel with all the comforts in the world and feel like a movie star who takes care of you all the time? But think, how long are you in the hotel? It’s minimal! So it’s not worth spending so much money unless you’re going to be there to relax, which in that case is worth every penny, but if your idea is to go out and see the cities you’re visiting, save as much as you can on sleeping. 

7. Use Couchsurfing or exchange houses

The famous Couchsurfing is one of the best ways to save money traveling. On this page you can ask a local to host you at their house totally free. The other option is to exchange houses, this is ideal for long trips. Exchanging houses with other travelers will allow you not only to save on accommodation but also on food since you will be able to cook right there.

Are you now ready to start your journey?


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