Semaglutide Therapy at Whole Wellness Services

Feeling fitter after Semaglutide therapy depends on picking a suitable provider.

When compared to other online providers and spas, Whole Wellness Services has a unique, helpful approach. Here’s why

1. We provide access to both virtual and on-site consultations. You’ll receive dedicated attention from an experienced functional medicine practitioner and our medical team.

This includes thorough first evaluations and follow-up sessions with plenty of time to talk about your treatment.

2. Our team gives you detailed information to help you deal with possible side effects and make your health better in general.

We give you personalized advice on diet, supplements, and lifestyle changes that will help your treatment based on your lab results, body composition, and medical history.

3. Ultimately, we want to improve your metabolism and lower inflammation. Our integrative medicine team supports you in various areas, including nutrition, body re-composition, and mental health.

To the credit of strategic tools and a personalized tapering plan, this all-around support helps keep weight off, especially when coming off of GLP-1 medications.

4. As a member, you can take two free yoga classes on-site every month, and you can email us with any questions you have in between classes.

We use compounded medications. This means we can provide the latest treatments like Semaglutide at accessible prices without insurance constraints.

5. We prioritize high-quality medications and work exclusively with pharmacies accredited by the Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board, guaranteeing the highest standards.

6. Upon joining, we conduct an extensive health evaluation using an InBody Machine for bioelectrical impedance analysis. This gives immediate insights into your metabolic status and body composition, basic for personalizing your treatment.

WHOLE Wellness Services, a medical and wellness center located in Rochester, NY, specializes in providing tailored, collaborative healthcare to individuals, families, couples, and children. Their services include mental health counseling, naturopathic medicine, lab testing, psychiatry, health coaching, among others.


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