Timeline Overview of Website Design for Lawyers

JustLegal Marketing specializes in website design for law firms. We are owned and operated by attorneys unlike other companies designing websites for lawyers.

A detailed and step-by-step process is needed to make sure that the final website for a law firm accurately represents the firm and serves its clients well.

There are some important steps in this process – all necessary for the project to be successful.

Read on to know what JustLegal Markting’s estimated timeline is for legal website design and development process.

1. Discovery and Planning (Days 1-10)

The initial stages concern understanding the law firm’s needs and planning the project’s scope.

For the first five days, the main goal is to learn about the company, its brand, and its plans.

Strategic planning comes next. This is where the project’s structure and schedule are set.

2. Design and Development (Days 11-55)

The first part of this phase is coming up with design ideas that fit with the company’s brand and what the client wants. After getting feedback, several design ideas are put forward, improved, and finally chosen for development.

Once the design has been approved, it is sent to development, where the website is built. This includes writing code, adding features, and putting together content like profiles of lawyers and descriptions of their practice areas.

The site is checked and changed on a regular basis to make sure it meets all the requirements before it goes live.

3. Launch and Optimization (Days 56-60)

During the launch phase, the website goes from being under development to being live.

After launch, the focus shifts to support and optimization, fixing any problems that come up and making changes to make the experience better for users and improve performance.

During this phase, the website is tested to make sure it works well and continues to meet the company’s changing needs.

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