Top 5 Myths about People in Tech

We love stereotyping – the many movies and TV shows on our favorite streaming networks are primarily responsible. People who work in tech are often perceived as replicas of the fictional characters created to represent them. It’s funny that we tend to forget that techies are just normal people like us who happened to pursue a career in the tech industry.

I’m not saying that techies don’t like talking about technology and showcasing their skills now and then, but there’s more to them than that. It’s time to look past the common misconceptions and recognize them as the individuals they are.

I have heard lots of bizarre opinions about tech enthusiasts, but the top five myths I’ll be debunking today are as follows:

Common Myths about Techies

1. Techies understand Technology in all forms

2. Techies only like Sci-fi Movies

3. Techies love everything to do with Tech

4. Techies don’t have a Social Life

5. All Techies are Geeks

1. Techies understand Technology in all forms

Tech is a vast industry that includes hundreds, if not thousands, of roles with unique job descriptions. Therefore, one person can’t know and master everything related to technology. You cannot expect a techie to repair anything that runs on electricity. If a programmer’s coffee machine stops working, he/she will not magically make it work with their coding skills.

Let me tell you a story! I was experiencing incessant connectivity issues a few months back and my internet provider wasn’t doing anything about it. Soon I’d had enough so I switched to a more reliable internet service, i.e. Xfinity and it’s been utter bliss since then. Now if I happen to encounter any internet problems in the future, I’ll fetch the Xfinity customer service number rather than calling my next-door neighbor who recently acquired a degree in software engineering.

To conclude, techies are generally well-versed in the technology they work with, rather than all forms of technology that exist. Therefore, a person who builds computer software would not be a suitable candidate to fix your broken TV.

2. Techies only like Sci-fi Movies

Tech enthusiasts may enjoy watching movies belonging to the science-fiction genre, but there’s no hard and fast rule. In fact, I know a techie who prefers the horror genre and specifically loves movies and shows incorporating supernatural elements. I mean people outside the tech industry can like sci-fi movies too, so what’s the logic in this assumption?

This would be the same as saying that all real-life doctors only watch Grey’s Anatomy. Therefore, if you’re planning to take a techie out on a movie date, it’s best that you ask them what they’d like to watch. It’s very much possible that a sci-fi movie is the last thing on their mind. They might favor something that has nothing to do with tech, such as a lighthearted rom-com.  

3. Techies love everything to do with Tech

People may pursue a career in tech for the love of technology, though that does not necessarily mean that their life revolves around it. A person who works with some sort of technology all day might not feel emotionally attached to it. Working in tech can merely be a source of livelihood or a way to make ends meet. Moreover, a professional techie is unlikely to be thrilled if he/she has to talk about work outside of duty hours.

For example, a person who repairs computers is not going to jump with joy if a friend visits and requests him to take a look at his malfunctioning laptop on his day off. You can’t blame a poor techie if he/she wants to binge-watch The Simpsons rather than debating over the latest advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) on the weekend.

4. Techies don’t have a Social Life

Believe it or not, people in tech do not spend their days and nights coding relentlessly. Even though the chances of a techie being an introvert are relatively high, it is preposterous to assume that they are socially awkward or lack people skills. May I remind you that all the leading tech entrepreneurs are individuals who excel at mass communication?

Techies may work long hours on end or have a hectic routine, but that does not mean that they like staying in and taking rain checks. Most tech enthusiasts are smart people who can keep conversations flowing and engage an audience with their wit.

5. All Techies are Geeks

Contrary to popular belief, technology is not the only thing techies like to talk about. Topics related to technology may resonate with their expertise, but they have other interests like everybody else. Most of the Hollywood productions depict techies as tedious folks who have no sense of fashion and tend to be loners.

Techies in the real world do not wear an ugly pair of glasses, a worn-out flannel shirt, and an outdated pair of jeans every day; it’s a generic aesthetic that’s yet another aspect of stereotyping, so you can quit being judgmental. Modern techies make good money and know how to dress to impress. If you have a geeky techie in your life, cherish them for keeping the myth alive.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, techies or tech enthusiasts are just normal people who know a thing or two about technology. Their personality has nothing to do with their choice of career, so disregard the myths and treat them like you treat everybody else.


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