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What Are the Benefits of Built-Up Roofing Systems?

Roofers and homeowners want to hear about new roofing trends. However, traditional flat roofs have not lost their value. Most commercial houses have a flat roofing structure. BUR is the oldest roofing system suitable for flat roofs. BUR or built-up roofing systems are highly advantageous for your flat design. 

Built-up roofs are designed with multiple layers of materials. Roofing contractors install a base sheet over a durable thermal insulation known as polyisocyanurate. They apply ply sheet layers and bitumen material for adhesive and waterproofing properties. The layers of granules and asphalt on the top make the roof weather-resistant. Your roof becomes sturdy and ensures protection.

A Low-Maintenance Roofing Solution

The sun’s heat can affect the surface of your roof. Shingles and other roofing materials have no reflective properties. But, built-up roofs will not absorb the light, and thus, there is no risk of premature degradation. BUR does not need frequent maintenance, and it will save you money.

Moreover, BUR systems comprise large sections, and you will have a low-profile roof. As there are fewer materials, weather elements do not affect them.

Create a Flame-Retardant Roof

With built-up roofs, you will get fire-retardant surfaces. So, you will be safe from fire risks if you install BUR roofing systems. These roofs also look aesthetic and provide the ultimate protection. You can also invest in cold BUR, providing an eco-friendly solution. It does not produce harmful discharge.

Make Your Roof Durable

The best roofing systems withstand harsh weather elements, including windstorms and hailstorms. The biggest advantage of BUR is that it is puncture-resistant. If you have accidentally dropped weighty tools on the roof surface, it will not cause any damage. The layering in BUR resists damage.

Reflective Top Coat

A white flood coat is used for covering built-up roofs. BUR is highly energy-efficient and does not absorb the sun’s heat. The roof surface will reflect the rays, making you feel comfortable in your room. There is no need to run your HVAC systems throughout the day. The indoor climate will be stable, and you can reduce utility bill costs.

A Leak-Proof Design

BUR roofs are better than single-ply roofs because they prevent water leakage. The fabric and asphalt are layered to create the BUR to develop a watertight seal. Asphalt is the glue used for securing the roofing system, and it resists water. So, your roof will get better protection with these materials.

Easy to Repair

Another advantage of a BUR system is that it is easily repairable. It may show signs of ripples and blisters on the surface. These are relatively mild issues, and you can repair them without a significant investment. Roofing contractors in Scottsdale will remove the damaged materials and patch the roof. Your roof repair project will be affordable.

Look for the best roofing professionals who can construct built-up roofing systems. Let them inspect your roof and recommend the best roofing materials. Your house will have a long-lasting, durable roof.


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